Kansai Chemicals Group has been engaged in plastics business for more than fifty years

Kansai Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

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Kansai Chemicals Co.,Ltd.からの挨拶

Kansai Chemicals Group has been engaged in plastics-related business for over fifty years dealing with synthetic resin materials such as polyolefin, polystyrene and engineering-plastics.

Our operation is centered on the proposal-oriented services for the synthetic plastics market such as proposals for the effective use of recycled resins, which is always provided with the cooperation
of the providers, clients and customers.

Synthetic plastics-related business including plastics recycling has become our forte, which is supported by the experience and accumulated expertise of ours.

We design and propose various types of recycling systems for the various needs of clients in various fields. Our own brand SHINOLIGHT® was born out of the expertise acquired through long years of such activities.
We are committed to the continued pursuit hereafter for new possibilities of the use of plastics
in order to meet various needs of the industry through our technology and proposal-oriented services.

While establishing a firm basis in Japan, we have promoted the internationalization of our operation, especially in ASEAN market. For a start, a locally incorporated company was set up in Singapore, which was followed by Thailand. As for a vast market China, we have established two local corporations (a processing factory and an import and export company) with each of which flourishing in the areas of material provision and processing and manufacturing of recycled products.

These local corporations and Japanese operational bases altogether form a global network to promote synthetic resin-related business with Kansai Chemicals Co., Ltd. being its hub through organic cooperation in order that we may flexibly and efficiently respond to the clients' needs.

Kansai Chemicals Group aims further customer satisfaction with a stance to always provide proposals of customer-focused and client-oriented solutions.

It is our ideal to contribute to the society through synthetic resin-related business which includes material recycling.