Kansai Chemicals Group has been engaged in plastics business for more than fifty years
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  • Sales & Marketing of Resin Material
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Kansai Chemicals Co.,Ltd.は合成樹脂にかかわる事業に40年以上携わってきました。

Our business activity is centered on proposition to the users. We have gained experience in the areas of synthetic resin materials such as polyolefin, polystyrene, engineering plastics in cooperation with the suppliers and clients through the proposals on efficient use of recycled resins etc. To flexiblly and efficiently answer the clients needs,
we have established global network with its headquarters at Kansai Chemicals Co., Ltd in Japan.

Domestic Network

Kansai Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

3-4 Nishimachi, Yamato-takada, Nara, 635-0096 Japan Tel: (0745)22-1211 / Fax: (0745)23-1077
Headquarter(Nara)TokyoNagoyaFukuokaOkayamaMain FactoryNishimachi FactoryKamada Factory

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Kansai Chemicals

3-4 Nishimachi, Yamato-takada, Nara, 635-0096 Japan Tel: (0745)23-2428 / Fax: (0745)23-1077

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Global Network

150 Cecil Street # 08-01A Singapore

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Nantong Kansai Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

No.5, Jixing Road, Nantong Economic & Technology Development Zone, Jiangsu, CHINA

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Kansai Chemicals(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.

Room 508, fifth Floor, Unit 74 (Building 3),Xinxianfeng Center
No. 1146, West Yan’an Road, Changning District, Shanghai,China

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Kansai Chemicals(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.

Silom Complex Bld. 20th Fl, 1A Room, 191
Silom Rd, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

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